The Marchand Brothers

"Behind the Marchand Brothers of Nancy,
there's quite a story”

générique fromage

This is, above all, the story of a family and one of the oldest food establishments in eastern France, the secrets of which - from production techniques, producers' addresses, recipes and more - have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Their story is of course also one of brotherly love, since the three brothers get on like a house on fire and, as well as having equal shares in the business, all contribute equally to the skills and ideas behind their establishment.

Their story also has much to do with their love for fine French flavour which they champion and promote at home and abroad, through a network of small-scale producers.

Theirs is a story of taste and distinctive flavours characterised by terroirs; a story of culinary and cheese-making traditions.

It is the story of a passion - the passion for ageing cheeses, from the smallest goat's cheeses to huge rounds of Comté, Emmental, Salers or Cantal. It is about knowing how to select a cheese and then bring it to its optimum maturity to achieve the finest possible taste and expression of terroir at tasting. However, the Marchand Brothers' story is not only one of cheese - they are also passionate about game, poultry, foie gras and wild salmon...

The Marchand Brothers' story is about the recipes : that they have inherited from the women of the family and ensuring that these live on, as well as the recipes that have yet to be written or invented - innovating for the pleasure of discovering new tastes.

It is also the story of the Lorraine region and the bringing back to life of its traditional cheeses - such as the “Gros Lorrain”, the farmhouse Munster or the soft Tommette (goat's cheese) found on cheese platters today - not forgetting new regional innovations like the Bergamot-infused goat's cheese, the Wasabique (the most Japanese of Lorraine cheeses, or vice versa ...), or the Pavé de la Place (a goat's cheese, named after the Place Stanislas in Nancy).

At the end of the day, it is all about dairy farmers - and unpasteurised milk producers , a story simply of men and animals.

However, this is also a story with an international dimension, since Philippe Marchand travels all over the world - from Belgium to Italy, from Holland to Australia, and from Germany to Japan - to buy, promote and discover cheeses and cheese-making traditions around the globe.

This is a story of creativity, tradition the story of a cheesemonger-affineur.

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